Riverdale After Dark: “Heart of Darkness”

We’re wearing white to our funeral on the latest episode of Riverdale After Dark. Pete doesn’t know why it had to be snakes, Justin wants a meaner Reggie, and Alex figures out what a Sticky Maple is really all about.

2 thoughts on “Riverdale After Dark: “Heart of Darkness”

  1. Love Riverdale podcast, but you’ve left out important clues: 1) In the Drive-In episode you didn’t mention Hermione bribed the Mayor to keep quite that it was being sold to Hiram (and I think the mayor knew about the Serpents’ involvement; 2) This week, Momma Blossom accused Hermione of gloating at the memorial service; 3) Fred hired Hermione, just a few weeks ago he said it would look bad to his clients.
    Not-So-Crazy-Crazy Theory: Hermione is using Fred either as a patsy or unwitting accomplice. When he didn’t hire her “for old times”, she went to the drive-in with him, but over-reacted when he asked her out again and he left Pop’s too fast. So she got the Serpents/Jughead’s Dad to “do something” which was unexpectedly a snake in a box. It got Fred’s sympathy and Boom, she’s working for Fred.

    Lastly, here’s your Easter Egg. Years ago, there was an Archie comic titled “PEP”. The slogan, “Riverdale, the town with PEP” is certainly a nod to this comic book title.

    Love the show. Keep up the good work.

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