Comic Book Club: Rich Douek Has That Ol’ Gutter Magic

Writer Rich Douek discusses his new comic “Gutter Magic,” plus a spoiler-free review of “Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice” – and reviews of “Low #12,” “Power Man & Iron Fist #2,” and “Huck #5”!

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3 thoughts on “Comic Book Club: Rich Douek Has That Ol’ Gutter Magic

  1. I totally agree … the first hour of SvB was soooo boring. What a fucking turd. Synder smashed The Dark Knight Returns and Death of Superman and managed to make it shity and boring. It’s a miss match mashup mess. The best thing about the film was Ben Affleck as batman. That being said … Batman and guns/killing constantly? Superman being even more dark than Batman? I’m 30 years old … I’ve already lived thru 911 … I don’t want to pay to sit thru it again. WTF DC STOP MAKING THESE SHIT DARK NO FUN HAVN MOVIES FUUUUUUUUUCCCCCCKKK! Thats my review 🙂

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