Comic Book Club: Alan Robert

Alan Robert, creator of horror/music anthology “Killogy” hits the show to discuss his Halloween special – and upcoming animated show! Plus comedian Nat Towsen returns, and reviews of “Copperhead #2,” “Batman #35” and “Wytches #1,” news from New York Comic Con, and a rundown of every comic TV show from “The Walking Dead” to “The Flash!”

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4 thoughts on “Comic Book Club: Alan Robert

  1. Would any of you mind to help me out w/ getting my son started in comic books? He’s 13, a good kid and wants to start reading them. I know nothing about them or how to get him started. We’ve bought him the first of Superman Doomed and Lobo and Justice League all new 52 stuff. He likes them all. Are we going the right direction or should I steer him another way? We also got him a graphic novel of Deathpool. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

    1. If he likes them, you’re definitely going the right way! Some classic stories you could check out: if he likes Superman, try “Superman for All Seasons,” or Geoff Johns’ volume on Superman with Gary Frank. For Justice League you can try something like “Tower of Babel,” which is a fun story. What other things does he like? Fave movies, TV shows, etc?

      1. Thanks for the help Alex. He likes The Flash and Constantine TV shows. In movies he like Star Wars and just about any of the Marvel and DC movies.

        1. Well definitely Geoff Johns’ Flash books then, they’re incredible and Johns’ take is the template for the new series. Constantine, start him off with the first volume of Hellblazer, and see what he thinks – though be warned, it’s pretty adult.

          For Star Wars type stuff, maybe check out the current run of Guardians of the Galaxy at Marvel, or the classic Abnett/Lanning run. Have fun!

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