Comic Book Club: Black Science

This week, Alan Starzinski returns, and the boys talk about how annuals have changed over the years. Plus, reviews of Black Science #1, Avengers Arena #18, Bedlam #10, and Wolverine and the X-Men Annual #1.

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3 thoughts on “Comic Book Club: Black Science

  1. Yea… Arrow is my guilty pleasure. I love the monster of the week type formula it has going for it. The actually if fun enough to make fun of itself … a few episodes ago this season Oliver’s big jawed sweetheart actually turned to Oliver and said ” What!? … Are you going to ask me if I’m OK ?. The line was used maybe thrice an episode between two the first season. Reminds me of Smallville but the CW DC team up actually has its hero .. in his suit and Fight Crime!!!

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