Comic Book Club: Free Jamal Igle!

Jamal Igle comes back to the show to talk about his all-ages graphic novel Molly Danger, upcoming stint on G.I. Joe, and what makes something an “original” character in mainstream comics.

NOTE: The podcast starts about a minute late, apologies!

THE STACK: Hawkeye #10, Winter Soldier #19, Superior Spider-Man #9

– Okay, now everybody has seen Iron Man 3! What did they think?
– Free Comic Book Day was this past weekend!
– Will Arnett’s TMNT role… Revealed!

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  1. Let’s just say we’ve been having some problems with the recording starting or ending on time, and leave it at that?

  2. Okay…I accepted the position of grand dragon master recorder person. What kind of benefits come with the job?

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