Comic Book Club: Frank J. Barbiere

Frank J. Barbiere, author of Five Ghosts, hits the stage to chat about his sold out new comic.

THE STACK: Saga #12, Deadpool #7, Locke & Key: Omega #4, Glory #34

– Alex has read Iron Man 3!
– Is Black Panther in Avengers 2?
– A sequel to Chronicle? Max Landis says, “Yes!”
– Captain America and Black Widow team up in Cap 2!

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4 thoughts on “Comic Book Club: Frank J. Barbiere

  1. Bit…of a spoiler for Saga in the stack. The first and last pages are always a great kick in the pants and the first page is described in this show. Little weird since reviews are usually pretty minimal and this comic wasn’t out at the time of release of this show. Just a heads up to anyone that hasn’t read saga #12 yet. Love the show! Friendship!!!

    1. Yeah, we were more trying to discuss the controversy, I think, which was all over the place. Sorry we spoiled it for you! Rosebud is a sled!

  2. 12banch … you know u luv spoilers … don’t lie 🙂 . Alex thanx for the speedy post this week … I know the past month has been rough for updates, but this week didn’t let me down.

    Kudos CBC!

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