Comic Book Club: Thrilling Adventure Hour Crossover!

Ben Blacker and Ben Acker from Thrilling Adventure Hour join the guys in New York to talk about their upcoming comic books: a Thrilling Adventure Anthology, and one for a major publisher that rhymes with Carvel! Ultimate Cookie-puss, here we come!

The Stack: Happy #1, The Punisher #16, Mind MGMT #5

Week in Geek:

– Will the original X-Men cast be back for a new movie?

– Andrew Garfield and Marc Webb are definitely back for more Spider-Man! That’s cool, we guess.

– Here’s the rundown of the character’s in Joss Whedon’s S.H.I.E.L.D. TV show!

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2 thoughts on “Comic Book Club: Thrilling Adventure Hour Crossover!

  1. Super funny show guys.

    BTW … I was severely disappointed with X-Men First Class, and I think that Marvel Studios would do a great service to themselves to include Kitty Pride and Colossus as major characters in the next X-Men movies (damn I love those two characters). I mean a man that can almost literally tear through and withstand anything that is in attached to a character that can phase through almost any substance, is probably the best comic book dynamic I’ve ever read in the Marvel universe.

  2. Thank you! And yeah, I kind of hated the second half of the movie, but for different reasons – mainly I enjoyed the set up in the first half, and didn’t need it to connect the dots in act three.

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