Comic Book Club: Nick Lowe & Tom Brevoort

Marvel Editors Nick Lowe (The X-Men books) and Tom Brevoort (The Avengers books) stop by to chat about the huge changes coming up for Marvel in October, as part of “Marvel NOW!” Plus, Nick teaches us how to Indian Leg Wrestle.

The Stack: Wolverine & The X-Men #15, Locke & Key: Grindhouse #1, FF #21

Week in Geek:

– Joss Whedon is creating a S.H.I.E.L.D. TV series! Commence freak out in three… Two…

– Will Hayley Atwell return for Captain America: The Winter Soldier? And if so, as who?

– Speaking of Who, Neil Gaiman will write another episode of Doctor Who!

NOTE: Some of the audio is got cut out of the recording in the first five minutes – stick with it though, at 5:45 it pops right in! We’re professionals!

2 thoughts on “Comic Book Club: Nick Lowe & Tom Brevoort

  1. The audio wasn’t as bad as I thought in the first few minutes, it was just your guests that were muted ….. meh who needs to here them anyway 🙂

    BTW: Whats up with all oral care awareness going on. Don’t know if it consequence, but in Ohio there is a pop of all the 1800dentist commercials airing on cable lately ….. guess everyone just eats sugar and brushes with rocks?

  2. Yeah, I just wanted to make sure to give a heads up so people didn’t think they’d gone deaf or something 🙂

    And I have no idea! Went over three decades with no cavities, and now I’m falling apart. Sob.

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