Comic Book Club: J.K. Woodward

The artist of IDW’s smash hit ‘Star Trek: The Next Generation/Doctor Who’ stops by, and talks about why drawing the Borg is easier than drawing Cybermen. Hint: it’s a series of tubes.

The Stack: Scalped #60, Amazing Spider-Man #692, Justice League #12, Avenging Spider-Man #11

Week in Geek:

– Are the Wachowskis directing Justice League?

– What’s up with Rob Liefeld’s Twitter meltdown? You guys?

7 thoughts on “Comic Book Club: J.K. Woodward

  1. Great show!

    Alex, I’m all about Detective HoneyBear, love the art style, but I have to say your new character Sneaky Pete also seems very promising. Not sure how kid friendly the message of thievery is tho 🙂

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