We’re in Boston for one night only with guests Tak Toyoshima (Secret Asian Man) and Joe Quinones (Wednesday Comics: Green Lantern)! Plus: what would the Justice League Boston be like? Can you say: “Captain Duck Boat?”

The Stack: Batman #12, Dancer #4, Spider-Men #4

Week In Geek:

– Ben Affleck is directing and starring in Justice League! Maybe! Anyway, we’re in Boston, so we talked about that a lot.

– Deadpool has a new team working on the comic, and Pete is sort of happy.


4 thoughts on “Comic Book Club in Boston: Tak Toyoshima & Joe Quinones

  1. Sorry we missed you! Let us know where you are now, and when you’re moving from there, so we can hilariously narrowly miss you again! Kidding.

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