Joe Harris (Image Comics’ Great Pacific) and comedian Liam McEneaney (Tell Your Friends) join the boys to talk about Batman, Ant-Punisher, and Klingon Embassies. And, it’s Pete’s birthday!

This Week’s Stack: B.P.R.D.: Hell On Earth: The Devil’s Engine #3, Wonder Woman #11, Journey Into Mystery #641

Week In Geek:

– Did you know that the Dark Knight Rises came out? It did, and we go into heavy, spoiler filled discussion (but not before a significant warning).


6 thoughts on “Comic Book Club: Joe Harris & Liam McEneaney

  1. Haven’t listened to the show yet and thanks for the speedy post, but after seeing Batman yesterday … I can’t imagine you guys were tickled pink with the movie, it’s out of place fairy tale ending, and John Blake being a sudo Robin.
    BTW … Is Pete going to the midnight release of Step Up Revolution? (:

      1. Cool.. and in retrospect it was a the most fun movie out of he three, and I guess that’s all that matters I had fun.

  2. Happy Belated Birthday Pete. I don’t think this message will ever reach him, but I tried.

    I was wondering while watching the movie how Batman’s knee got better while in the Pit. He went from needing the super brace to Mario jumping without it.

    I did enjoy the movie, but I guess I was a little disappointed with this one because the it wasn’t nearly as tight as The Dark Knight or Batman Begins. I left watching it with a lot more questions than the previous movies.

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