Comic Book Club: Amanda Palmer & Kurt Braunohler

Amanda Palmer stops by to talk about becoming a Kickstart Millionaire, her new comic for Dark Horse, and play some songs on her ukulele! Plus, comedian Kurt Braunohler chats about his one foray into comics, and hosting the new IFC game show BUNK! AND, for the first time anywhere, we perform selections from “What Up! Man-Thing – The Musical!”

This Week’s Stack: Casanova: Avaritia #4, Dark Avengers #176, Saga #4, Godzilla #2

Week In Geek:

– Paul Dini is writing new Batman graphic novel!
– Marvel teases “This is WAR” for October! But is it? War?
– Bill Willingham launching FablesCon next year!

3 thoughts on “Comic Book Club: Amanda Palmer & Kurt Braunohler

  1. What was it like with the crowd over-run by AFP’s fans? She can tweet up an audience in no time and from the sounds of it, none of them read comics!

    1. Fun, actually! I think the crowd mic got muted a bit, clearly we were having some audio issues – but the crowd was great, albeit not comic book fans persay 🙂

  2. I am a fool. I didn’t know she was married to Mr. Gaiman…

    My worlds collided in an instant of blinding light and my head imploded. Then I found out I didn’t get an interview I wanted and I felt emptier than ever…but I can say that because you guys are my best…friends. I agree.

    Great episode. Really good stuff. Her ukelele song played as my dreams were crushed and I just sat at my desk trying to hang on to that bit of joy and I’ll say it, it was very nice. Almost like she played it for me.

    Enough asking me about my day, Alex! Sheesh! Great stuff I love you guys what a swell episode, even with the audio problems. Love the show.

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