Comic Book Club: Dan Slott & Mike Lawrence

Dan Slott (Amazing Spider-Man) returns to the show to talk about what’s coming up in his book – and to tease a new comic? Plus, comedian Mike Lawrence out-nerds us.

This Week’s Stack: Fantastic Four #607, Scarlet Spider #6, Batman #10

9 thoughts on “Comic Book Club: Dan Slott & Mike Lawrence

  1. Shitty weekend … Ive been waiting for this post for a few days now, time to sit down and spark up [ :

      1. Nope … was really funny, you guys were on point this week. Both your guests were great and Mike added a lot to the regular nerd humor. BTW holocausts are always funny.

  2. I was wondering if I was the only one who couldn’t hear Boothman in this recordering. If not, could you please post what the audience questions were with the show.

    Also, Alex you were right about that guy being Batman’s little brother. Many people, such as myself, have Juniors who are not the first son. So, not that Pete or Justin will ever read this, but you were right.

    Also, didn’t like the reveal with the Panther god. Thought it changed all the great things that the Wakandians have done is all gifts from god, not them being smart and just working together.

  3. Yeah, turns out something happened with his mic during the show, so we lost his audio – sorry about that 🙁

    And yeah! Alex rules!

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