Comic Book Club: Joe Hill

Joe Hill (Locke & Key) stops by our new venue in NYC to chat about the genesis of the book, where it’s going next, and some teases about its TV future. Also, find out the secret history of Batman writer Scott Snyder!

This Week’s Stack: Irredeemable #37, Batman Incorporated #1, Chew #26

NOTE: This week’s podcast unfortunately cut off right before the end of the show, hence the abrupt finish. You missed Alex plugging Angel & Faith #10, Joe talking about The Cape, and that’s about it! Sadly, it was the best five minutes of the show, though, so you should have come out to see it live OH WELL.

8 thoughts on “Comic Book Club: Joe Hill

  1. Why “Chronicle” is the best superhero movie of all time (and why I completely agree with Joe): When you peel away the layers, the story, at its core, is essentially Stephen King’s “Carrie” packaged in a superhero wrapper. A story that elicits sympathy for a real character who is hurting on the inside, juggling his broken home life with being picked on at school.

    I would love to see Max Landis, screenwriter of “Chronicle,” adapt one of Joe’s novels.

      1. Oh, one more thing (not that you’re asking, but I’m telling): Joe made a comment about “The Dark Knight” run time, why it was SO long. Good reason for that—after Heath’s passing, Nolan went back and completely reshot the ending.

        Goyer had written the 2nd and 3rd scripts simultaneously, carrying over the Joker and Two-Face to what would open in a court room. When Heath passed away, the lengthy bit with Two-Face and Gordan’s family was added in TDK, ultimately killing him off. Unfortunately, you’ll never see the original ending, a brief tease of a scene, introducing a certain “someone” at Arkham Asylum.

        Ever wonder how the Joker knew the mob’s movements and where they kept their money? Remember the blonde moll sitting with Maroni at the Club in TDK? I give you…Harley Quinn. The actress’ name is Sarah Jayne Dunn.

  2. It’s defiantly not a waste to sit down and watch … I just can’t handle a bunch of these “HandyCam” movies. I believe Project X was shot in the same fashion, and I don’t think I’m gonna even give that one a chance.

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