Comic Book Club: Ugly Americans’ Devin Clark & Kurt Metzger

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Ugly Americans’ Devin Clark (Creator) and Kurt Metzger (Voice of Randall) hit the stage to talk about their upcoming Batman themed episode, and why no one is playing DC Universe Online for the reasons you think they are. Unless you think those reasons are “tweaking Black Adam’s nipples.”

This Week’s Stack: Avengers vs. X-Men #1, Aquaman #7, FF #16, The Flash #7

Week in Geek:

* The Lonely Island’s Jorma Taccone is directing a movie based on one of our favorite indie books, ‘The Great Unknown’!

* Are the aliens in ‘The Avengers’ The Korbinites, or is that way too specific a reference for anyone to get?

* Who should direct ‘Captain America 2’? Alex says Michael Bay, Pete tells Alex to shut up.

*There’s an Avengers monorail coming to Disney! Monorail? Monorail!

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