Comic Book Club: Crossover With Comic News Insider!

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Jimmy Aquino (Host, Comic News Insider), and frequent guest Jon Hoche (Vampire Cowboys) guest for a special crossover episode! Plus, if you’re from Houston, you’re not going to like us after this week.

This Week’s Stack: The Walking Dead #94, The Shade #5, TMNT Micro-Series #3: Donatello

Week in Geek:

* Big spoilers for this week’s ‘The Walking Dead’ as T-Dog finally gets half a line.

* ‘The Avengers’ trailer has finally hit online… Do we love it, or REALLY love it?

* We pour a badly CGIed 40 on the ground for the passing of ‘Terra Nova’.

2 thoughts on “Comic Book Club: Crossover With Comic News Insider!

  1. The avengers trailer is amazing. I’m a big comicbook fan (I’ve even arranged several cartoon theme songs for orchestra, including the TMNT theme song). The TMNT movie is going to certainly be interesting to see what happens, I just hope it’s not TOO far from the original. The crowd at Pianos sounds great!

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