Comic Book Club in LA: Geoff Johns & Eliza Skinner

This week, we’re live from the home base NerdMelt Theater in Los Angeles, with guests Geoff Johns (Batman: Earth One, Justice League), and Eliza Skinner (KLOL)! We find out who Geoff thinks would be the ideal movie Robin, and Eliza explains every problem with The Amazing Spider-Man. Plus: Pixar pornos.

This Week’s Stack: Action Comics #11, Amazing Spider-Man #689, Before Watchmen: Ozymandias #1

Week In Geek:

– San Diego Comic-Con starts this week… But why did it have to be snakes???

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4 thoughts on “Comic Book Club in LA: Geoff Johns & Eliza Skinner

  1. GooseGanja

    Hey great show guys, just wondering Alex if you are planning on reording your show on saturday at ComicCon .. if not please do. Thax dude

    1. Alex

      Yup! We’re gonna record the Extra Stage show, no worries! It’ll probably be up some time on Sunday, I’m guessing. Thank YOU!

      1. GooseGanja

        Great! … I’ll be waiting on your post.
        BTW: I’m super jelly your able to attend both Cons, In your opinion whats your favorite personal Comic-Con (Cali or New York)?


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