Dark Horse Comics Preview: Paranoid Gardens #1

Paranoid Gardens #1 preview

Read a preview of Paranoid Gardens #1 from Dark Horse Comics, written by Gerard Way and Shaun Simon, with art by Chris Weston.

Paranoid Gardens #1 Preview

Check out five pages and two covers from the July 17, 2024 publishing issue here! Click the thumbnails for a larger version:

Paranoid Gardens #1 Official Synopsis:

Writers Gerard Way (The Umbrella Academy) and Shaun Simon (The Fabulous Killjoys), join forces with Illustrator Chris Weston (The Filth), colorist Dave Stewart (Hellboy), and letterer Nate Piekos (Black Hammer) to present an all-new surreal comic book experience that’s Derek meets Doctor Who . . . with memory loss!

Loo is a nurse at the most bizarre care center around. The staff are not entirely human, and the cases downright unearthly. Aliens, ghosts, superheroes, and more creatures plague its hallways as both doctors and patients and the hospital itself seems to be somewhat self-aware. Loo believes that despite a recent failure at her job she’s been given some sort of higher calling in this mysterious place, and decides to rise to the challenge. Along the way she must fight her way through corrupt staff members, powerful theme park cults, and her own personal demons and trauma to meet this challenge and discover what secrets the gardens hold.

Featuring standard cover art by Chris Weston and variant cover art by Motohiro.

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