Surprise! America Chavez Joins Marvel’s ‘The Ultimates’ In Latest Issue

Ultimates #2 America Chavez cover crop

I’ll fully admit I was surprised — even having read and reviewed the issue on our Stack podcast — when I went to the comic book store this afternoon and saw Inhyuk Lee’s variant cover for The Ultimates #2 on the shelves. That’s because it spoils the last page reveal of the issue… Though I guess now that Marvel sent the cover out to press it’s all fair game. Because America Chavez has joined The Ultimates.

In the issue, written by Deniz Camp with art by Juan Frigeri, The Ultimates invade the White House to discover the secret hidden underneath it. That secret is America Chavez, who Midas, the man who bought the White House, has been harvesting for years. He’s been using her to create power for multiple states and push technology forward — for profit. She’s ultimately rescued by Captain America and company, but what happens next is TBD.

Or as Marvel puts it via a press release provided to Comic Book Club:

“Will she add her dimension-shattering star portals and incredible strength to the Ultimates’ mighty mission? And how will she inspire the newly reawakened Captain America, who’s still reeling from learning of the United States’ tragic downfall? Stay tuned to upcoming issues as more secrets behind this twisted Earth are revealed and the Ultimates continue to restore stolen destinies to iconic heroes!”

You can check out the cover below or at your local comic book store. And speculate wildly about which America Chavez this is… Because as the book is careful to note, they don’t know whether she came from the past, the future, or some other dimension. Perhaps this is even the mainline 616 America Chavez? We’ll just have to keep reading the top-selling series to find out.

Ultimates #2 America Chavez Inhyuk Lee variant cover

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