Skybound First Look: Universal Monsters: Frankenstein #1

Get a first look at Universal Monsters: Frankenstein #1 from Skybound and Image Comics, written and drawn by Michael Walsh.

Universal Monsters: Frankenstein #1 First Look

Check out five pages and eight covers from the August 28, 2024 publishing issue here! Click the thumbnails for a larger version:

Universal Monsters: Frankenstein #1 Official Synopsis:

Comics superstar Michael Walsh resurrects one of the most iconic monsters of all time in a jaw-dropping, re-imagining of the horror hit. Readers can expect each issue of the limited series to tell the shocking story behind one of the corpse parts used to create the unforgettable monster in the original film. 

In this first issue, Dr. Henry Frankenstein begins his unholy quest to create life by robbing the grave of a decorated police officer to find necessary parts, specifically a strong pair of hands. But little does he know that the corpse has a son who is mourning a father – and that this young boy will forever change Frankenstein’s life. 

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