DC To Launch Ultimate-Style Absolute Universe?, BOOM! Brings Minor Arcana To SDCC, Her Universe Fashion Show Returns | Comic Book Club News For July 9, 2024

Comic Book Club News July 9 2024

Is DC about to launch an Ultimate-style series of comics called Absolute Universe? Jeff Lemire’s Minor Arcana gets an ashcan at SDCC. The Her Universe Fashion Show returns to SDCC. All on Comic Book Club News for July 9, 2024.


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Episode Transcript:

Is DC launching its own Ultimate Universe?

Minor Arcana heads to SDCC.

Her Universe fashion show returns.

This is Comic Book Club News for July 9, 2024.

Is DC Launching Its Own Ultimate Comics, Called Absolute Universe?

Normally here on the podcast, we ignore rumors in favor of fact. But this one has been simmering for a year now, and has started to bubble over: is DC launching its own Ultimate style line of comics called Absolute Universe?

For months, we’ve heard rumblings that DC Comics would be tackling something big and line-defining; but it wouldn’t be a reboot crisis, like in years past. And now, thanks to reports from Bleeding Cool and The Beat, we have a better idea of what it might be. According to the outlets, DC will be launching a new line called Absolute Universe which will reimagine DC characters through a modern lens, from all-star teams.

While those exact teams — if this is accurate — are TBA, a potential cover for a San Diego Comic-Con ashcan has leaked titled Absolute Batman, and seems to feature Nick Dragotta art. In addition, the rumors have persistently pointed to Scott Snyder as essentially a showrunner for this line and a possible scribe for Absolute Batman.

Furthermore, both outlets explain that the line is not meant to be out of continuity like previous, new-reader-friendly lines such as Earth 2 or All-Star; nor is it meant to replace the main DC line, a la a Crisis-style event. Instead, the Absolute Universe may exist as another one of DC’s many parallel universes in its multiverse.

So is this real? And will it launch in October, given many of DC’s regular titles are ending that month, or the month before? With San Diego Comic-Con coming at the end of the month, chances are we should find out what’s happening with Absolute Universe by then.

Jeff Lemire’s Minor Arcana Heads To San Diego Comic-Con:

Speaking of San Diego Comic-Con and ashcans, which if you don’t know are usually rough printing preview comics, Jeff Lemire’s upcoming ongoing series Minor Arcana is getting one from BOOM! Studios, to debut at the con.

Said Lemire via press release: “I can’t wait to share Minor Arcana. I’ve been putting everything into it and this exclusive SDCC ashcan will be a chance to share the story early. It’s going to be an amazing looking version of the book with rounded corners, mimicking a tarot card, and a new cover that will only be available at the con. I’ll be there to sign them as well. So it’s going to be an exciting San Diego!”

The ashcan will cost $30, and only be available Thursday, Friday, and Saturday of the convention, at the BOOM! Studios booth. The first issue will be available in stores everywhere on September 4.

Her Universe Fashion Show Returns To SDCC:

And one more San Diego announcement to round out today: while not strictly comics-focused, the always fun Her Universe Fashion Show returns for its 10th year.

Hosted by Ashley Eckstein and Michael James Scott, this year’s show is sponsored by Mattel, as well as Her Universe, and will focus on Polly Pocket, as well as “honor other legendary Mattel brands including Hot Wheels, UNO and Magic 8 Ball through an incredible lineup of fashion and giveaways.”

In addition to couture inspired by Mattel’s 80 years of brands, the winner will have the chance to collaborate with Her Universe on a future fashion line. The event will be held July 25 at the Grand Hyatt in, where else, San Diego.

For Comic Book Club News, I’m Alex Zalben. And eventually we’ll get to some non San Diego news. Just, maybe not this month.

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