Ghost Machine Reveals Horror Universe ‘Hyde Street,’ Spinoff One-Shot ‘Devour’

Hyde Street Devour crop

Ghost Machine, the creator collective releasing comics through Image Comics, has unveiled the covers for its upcoming horror universe Hyde Street. Not only did they offer a look at the main title, but we got a glimpse of the one-shot spinoff It Happened On Hyde Street: Devour, as well.

While the first few books out of the gate from Ghost Machine have been more sci-fi focused — Geiger, Redcoat, and Rook: Exodus are all hitting monthly — Hyde Street is an entirely separate horror universe. The main title is written by Geoff Johns with art by Ivan Reis, and will introduce characters like Mr. X-Ray, Pranky the World’s Most Dangerous Scout, Miss Goodbody, and more — all on the titular street.

In advance of the October 2, 2024 release of the ongoing series, Ghost Machine revealed several covers at FanExpo Denver this weekend, provided to Comic Book Club via press release. Check them out, below:

The first is by Ivan Reis, the second by Gary Frank, and the third by Mike Deodato Jr.

Ghost Machine Reveals Details, Covers For It Happened On Hyde Street: Devour

In addition, Ghost Machine shared details and a first look at some of the covers for It Happened On Hyde Street: Devour #1, which releases on October 30, 2024. Here’s the synopsis of the issue, which is written by former Stargirl writer Maytal Zchut in her comic book debut; with art by Leila Leiz.

With an impending wedding, Lily needs to lose weight in order to fit into her wedding dress, and struggles to shed some pounds. And what’s worse, her super-thin grandmother relentlessly disparages Lily’s approach, instead lavishing praise upon a quick-fix miracle supplement called DEVOUR, as hawked by the mysterious health guru Miss Goodbody. Her motto? Get thin… or die trying! In this weight-loss nightmare, when it comes to Devour…all you need is one.

Check out the covers by Ivan Reis, Gary Frank and Leila Leiz, below:

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