Spider-Man To Die Eight Times, Kaare Andrews Accused Of Using AI, You Could Be In G.I. Joe #1 | Comic Book Club News For July 4, 2024

comic book club news july 4 2024

Marvel is planning on killing Spider-Man eight times in an upcoming story. Kaare Andrews has been accused of using AI for Spider-Man Reign 2. G.I. Joe #1 to include fan photos. All on Comic Book Club News for July 4, 2024.


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Episode Transcript:

Spider-Man to die eight times!

Kaare Andrews accused of using AI.

You could be in G.I. Joe #1.

This is Comic Book Club News for July 4, 2024.

Marvel Announces The 8 Deaths Of Spider-Man:

Tired of killing characters just to bring them back a month later, Marvel is planning on killing Spider-Man eight times in an upcoming storyline. Or at least the 10-part saga is titled The 8 Deaths of Spider-Man.

Per PR provided to Comic Book Club by Marvel, after Zeb Wells exits the title, the writing team of Joe Kelly and Justina Ireland, along with artists Ed McGuinness and Gleb Melnikov, will take over Amazing Spider-Man for a 10-issue run.

Though details beyond that are slim, including exactly when the run will start – smart money says October, but the PR only notes “Fall” – they do also note that there will be further news about Amazing Spider-Man and current artist John Romita, Jr. coming soon. Possibly at San Diego Comic-Con? Stay tuned, true believers.

Kaare Andrews Accused Of Using AI For Spider-Man Reign 2:

The latest comic book artist to be accused of using AI in their work? Kaare Andrews, for Marvel’s Spider-Man Reign 2 #1.

With the release of the highly anticipated sequel this week, readers took to social media to point out several panels from the issue they believe used AI to generate images. Specifically, background art in two panels that don’t match Andrews’ regular highly stylized and idiosyncratic art style.

While nothing has been conclusively proven about his work, this is far from the first artist who has been called out for using the “technology.” Andrea Sorrentino was accused of using AI for recent issues of Batman, though nothing seemed to come of that other than online furor. Meanwhile, Francesco Mattina potentially used AI for multiple DC Comics covers and subsequently had his variants pulled from rotation while DC investigated.

However, Brian Reber, the colorist on the book, pushed back on the accusations in a thread on X (formerly Twitter). Said Reber, “I’m not one for statements, but Kaare and I have been accused of using AI. I have worked as hard as I can ever since I could hold a crayon to becoming a better artist. Art is a part of my goals, my passion, and my dreams. I’ve worked too hard to hand those over to an app. Just going to add that we’ve used mixed media photo bashing to build up backgrounds to get a realistic look to the environments. We’ve done this in all of our collaborations going back to E-Ratic 1 from AWA Studios.”

We’ve reached out to Marvel for comment about Andrews’s work but did not receive word back as of recording time.

G.I. Joe #1 To Include Photos Of Fans:

You could be featured in G.I. Joe #1. Yes, you! As part of a promotion called “Choose Your Side,” Skybound is asking members of their Skybound Insiders program to submit photos, in order to be featured in an ad in an upcoming issue of the series. And in the process, you’ll have to choose G.I. Joe or Cobra. Not sure how they’re going to handle everyone wanting to be in Cobra, but hey, not my job.

The neat news here is that if you submit your photo, you will almost definitely be featured — as every valid entry will be included in an upcoming issue of the book, starting with the premiere in November. The ads will continue to run until Skybound runs out of submissions.

In order to submit, head to www.GIJoeChooseYourSide.com by September 8, 2024. You must be a Skybound Insider, 18+, a legal resident of the US, UK, or Canada except Quebec. And also at least one person needs to choose G.I. Joe. I’ll let you decide which one of you is going to take the bullet there.

For Comic Book Club News, I’m Alex Zalben. And happy Fourth of July! Now it’s time for me to go grill up my comics.

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