DC Comics Are Back On Wednesdays, DC’s Compact Comics Line Expands, Tucker Stone Joins Fantagraphics | Comic Book Club News For July 2, 2024

comic book club news july 2 2024

DC Comics has moved back to Wednesdays. DC’s Compact Comics line expands. Tucker Stone joins Fantagraphics. All on Comic Book Club News for July 2, 2024.


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Episode Transcript:

DC Comics are back on Wednesdays.

DC also expands Compact Comics line.

Tucker Stone joins Fantagraphics.

This is Comic Book Club News for July 2, 2024.

DC Comics Now Released On Wednesdays:

Our first news story is less of a news story, and more of a PSA: as of this week, DC Comics are officially coming out on Wednesdays.

We first reported this news in February, when it was announced at the annual ComicsPro conference that DC would be returning to releasing comic books the same day as every other company. However, that day has arrived — or, almost arrived — as starting on July 3, comics will once again be released mid-week.

DC originally shifted to Tuesdays once they changed from Diamond to Luna Distributors, back towards the beginning of the pandemic. However, due to retailer and fan demand, DC has returned to its original schedule.

There is one wrinkle, though. DC Comics are still noted as going on sale on Tuesday, at least through Comixology. We’ve reached out to DC Comics to confirm whether digital comics will be staying on Tuesdays, or moving to Wednesdays in the future, but did not receive word back as of recording time.

DC Expands Compact Comics Line With Six New Titles:

Keeping on the subject of DC’s print releases, the Compact Comics line is expanding.

As reported by PopVerse, a sales sheet released by the publisher at this past weekend’s American Library Association conference noted six additions to the Compact Comics line. Just released this past June, the line is $9.99 for a little larger than Manga-sized editions of classic DC comic book runs. 10 titles in total are being released this year, with six more to follow in mid-2025.

Those titles include Kingdom Come, Static: Season One, DCeased, Superman: Birthright, Batwoman: Elegy, and most curiously, Superman/Batman: Book One by a TBA team.

The second wave of Compact Comics titles will hit starting on May 6, 2025.

Tucker Stone Joins Fantagraphics As Executive Director Of Communications:

And in some business news, Tucker Stone has joined Fantagraphics as Executive Director of Communications and Marketing.

The news was reported by ICv2, who notes that Carlson is best known as an editor for the award-winning The Comics Journal, as well as the former manager and partner of the late, beloved Bergen St. Comics in Brooklyn. He’ll take over for Jacq Cohen, who left to go join Tapas, a webtoon platform.

Congrats to Carlson! Now bring back Bergen St. Comics, I miss it.

For Comic Book Club News, I’m Alex Zalben. And Wednesday Warriors are back, baby!

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