Tyler Mane Returns As Sabretooth In ‘Deadpool & Wolverine’

Sabretooth Tyler Mane Deadpool and Wolverine

He’s baaaack. The Easter egg-palooza that is Deadpool & Wolverine has revealed yet another cameo… Tyler Mane is returning as Sabretooth, to finish the fight he started in X-Men back in 2000.

Before anyone cries “spoilers!!” this was revealed in an official teaser released by Marvel titled “Nice.” In the one-minute look, we get a set-up of the stakes of the movie… Deadpool’s (Ryan Reynolds) entire world and all his friends are in danger. The only one who can save them? Wolverine (Hugh Jackman). But not any Wolverine. As Time Variance Authority (TVA) agent Paradox (Matthew Macfadyen) explains, he’s a Wolverine from a universe where he let his whole world die.

And now the duo are in what is either yet another universe, or more likely The Void, the world at the end of time from Loki where the TVA sends people and things after they “prune” them from a timeline. Enter a group of Mad Max-looking folks left over from the Fox movie universe, including Pyro (Aaron Stanford) from X2: X-Men United and X-Men 3: The Last Stand, Toad (Ray Park) from X-Men, Lady Deathstrike (Kelly Hu) from X2, and Azazel (Jason Flemyng) from X-Men: First Class.

Oh, and now the original Sabretooth from X-Men.

What Happened To Sabretooth In X-Men (2000)?

In the teaser, Deadpool does his usual fourth wall-breaking thing, and calls a time-out before Sabretooth and Wolverine can duke it out, saying, “People have waited decades for this fight.” Which is a little weird because yes, they did in fact fight a bunch in the original X-Men movie.

Early in the movie, Wolverine has his truck attacked by Sabretooth — but gets chased away by Cyclops (James Marsden) and Storm (Halle Berry). Then later on, Wolverine and Sabretooth fight on top of the Statue of Liberty, before Sabretooth is once again taken out by Cyclops.

So perhaps what ol’ Wade Wilson is referring to here is the less-than-epic battle between the two comic book rivals on screen. Yes, they did fight, but they also barely seemed to know each other in the OG flick.

There’s another flick (I’ll stop saying flick now) where Sabretooth does appear, though.

Will Liev Schreiber Also Appear As Sabreooth In Deadpool & Wolverine?

While it’s not a good movie, per se, X-Men Origins: Wolverine did a lot to develop the relationship between Wolverine and Sabretooth; though Tyler Mane did not reprise his role. Instead, in that movie Sabretooth was played by Liev Schreiber. It’s canon to the timeline of the Fox X-Men movies, which doesn’t quite square with how they barely knew each other in the later movie. But also they sewed Deadpool’s mouth shut, so whatever.

My point in bringing this up is that yes, we are getting Tyler Mane back, which is fun. But this is the multiverse we’re talking about. Deadpool & Wolverine could easily bring back Liev Schreiber and Tyler Mane to make this a Sabretooth-a-palooza. Which is different, but similar to an Easter egg-palooza, FYI.

Will Schreiber return as well? I don’t know. I haven’t seen the movie. Maybe they want to pay off on the Mane return and leave it at that. But chances are they could go all out with the cameos in this movie, so why not? We’ll know for sure when the movie hits theaters on July 26, 2024. You can watch the “Nice” teaser below.

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