Superman Drops A Lex Luthor Twist, GI Joe Kickstarter Poised To Be Biggest Of All Time, RIP Sarah Becker | Comic Book Club News For June 25, 2024

comic book club news june 25 2024

DC’s latest Superman comics end in a big Lex Luthor twist. A GI Joe Kickstarter project is poised to be the biggest comic book Kickstarter of all time. Former Wildstorm editor Sarah Becker dies. All on Comic Book Club News for June 25, 2024.


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Episode Transcript:

Superman comics provide big Lex Luthor twist.

GI Joe poised to take over Kickstarter.

Former Wildstorm editor Sarah Becker has died.

This is Comic Book Club News for June 25, 2024.

Lex Luthor Loses His Memory In New DC Comics Superman Issues:

There’s a lot going down in this week’s DC Comics. They’re either teeing up the Absolute Power event or jumping ahead to show events happening after issue one of the series, which doesn’t hit stands until next month. But the end of House of Brainiac in today’s issue of Superman has the biggest twist of all. Spoilers past this point.

In Action Comics #1066 and Superman #15, both of which are released today, Superman has teamed up with Lex Luthor to take down Brainiac. In the latter’s case, in order to free his daughter, Lena Luthor, from Brainiac’s control, Lex puts all of Brainiac’s mind into his own. It isn’t until the final pages of the issue that the after-effects are revealed: Lex Luthor doesn’t remember his own name.

Amnesia plots are nothing new for ongoing soap operas like superhero comics. However, the implication here seems to be that Lex has lost his memory, including his knowledge of Superman’s secret identity. And perhaps more importantly based on the way Rafa Sandoval draws him, he might be kind of dumb now.

So what does that mean for Lex going forward? Clearly, there’s more to come. But with Superman and Lex finally coming to an understanding, chances are whenever he gets his memory back, Luthor will return to his old, villainous ways. Perhaps just in time for a certain Superman movie to be released in theaters next year…

GI Joe Kickstarter May Become Biggest Of All Time:

Back at the beginning of the month, we reported on Skybound’s Kickstarter for a G.I. Joe: A Real American Hero compendium, which at the time had been funded in under 48 hours, and ballooned to over $1 million. And now with less than 48 hours to go as of this recording, it’s poised to become the most funded comic book Kickstarter of all time.

Though the meter keeps ticking up, it does still have a ways to go. Again, as of this taping, it’s less than $50,000 shy of $3 million. The record? £2,419,973, or approximately $3,070,643 for Colleen Doran’s graphic adaptation of Good Omens.

Can the G.I. Joe Kickstarter make another $70,000 before wrapping up? By the time you listen to this, it might have already done so, as at $2.7 million a rare reprint of G.I. Joe Special #1 with art by Todd McFarlane, and a cover by Andy Kubert was unlocked, kicking the final hours into high gear.

Yo Joe, indeed.

Former Wildstorm Editor Sarah Becker Dies At 52:

Former Wildstorm editor Sarah Becker has died at age 52. Trigger warning past this point. As reported by TMZ, Becker, who was also a former castmate of The Real World, died by suicide last week in Illinois.

As reported by The Beat, though Becker’s stint at Wildstorm was brief, she made a big impact on those working with the publisher. Creators like J. Scott Campbell, Lenil Francis Yu, and more all spoke out about the loss.

She was best known for working on titles like Gen 13, DV8, StormWatch, WildC.A.T.s and Team 7.

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