Blade Splits Heads In His New Red Band Series From Marvel

Blade red band cover header

Marvel is all in on their new ultra-violent, adults-only Red Band line. Starting with bonus issues of Blood Hunt, and continuing with Werewolf By Night and Wolverine, the latest character to get the Red Band treatment is Blade. He may not be able to make it work on the big screen, but by god, the Daywalker is gonna split heads with his new polybagged title.

The new title is written by Bryan Edward Hill, with art by C.F. Villa. Appropriately titled Blade: Red Band, the new series will follow up directly on the end of Blood Hunt, an event that has found Blade at the head (really have to stop using that word) of a vampire invasion of the Marvel Universe. So how does he get from here to there?

Naturally, since Blood Hunt doesn’t end until the fifth issue is released on July 31, Marvel ain’t telling. Instead, they’re playing cagey about the October debuting Blade: Red Band, with the following synopsis:

For years, BLADE has been the deadliest vampire hunter in the Marvel Universe. With an arsenal of wooden stakes, silver bullets and razor bats at his command, few have known the taste of vengeance of blood like BLADE! But after the harrowing events of Blood Hunt, what’s left of Marvel’s most infamous vampire? Did any of the vampire within Blade survive? Did any of the man? Find out here, at the skin-searing dawn of a bloody new Blade saga!

Unlike Blood Hunt and Wolverine, this new title will only be released in Red Band version — meaning it will carry a Parental Advisory, be polybagged, and most importantly is probably only sold in comic book shops — or at least that’s been the policy up until now. We’ve reached out to Marvel confirm that last bit, but did not hear back as of press time.

Check out the unredacted cover below. The first of five issues hit stores on October 9, 2024.

Blade red band cover

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