Red Sonja ‘Birth Of The She-Devil’ Sequel ‘Death And The Devil’ Coming From Dynamite

Red Sonja: Death and the Devil cover crop

Four years ago, writer Luke Liberman tackled a younger Red Sonja in Dynamite‘s Birth of the She-Devil. And now she’s back for revenge in the just-announced sequel, Death and the Devil.

“For some reason we just take it as a given that the hero kills the villain and then it’s happily ever after. That’s not how the world works,” said writer Luke Lieberman via a press release provided to Comic Book Club. “There are always unintended consequences to battles and wars, personal or global. They are never clean or wrapped up with a bow, and if you take a life, you are responsible for whatever flows out of that action.”

While Sergio Davila handled art on the previous book, Alberto Locatelli, who recently penciled Vampirella: Dead Flowers for the publisher, will take over art duties for this new series. Per the quote above, after killing the Sultan of Turan, his kingdom fell apart. In order to restore order in the chaos, she returns to try and find the Sultan’s heir. Everything does not, of course, go to plan.

Other than the team mentioned above, Death and the Devil includes covers by Joseph Michael Linsner, Celina, Moritat, and cosplayer Rachel Hollon, which you can check out below – and click for a larger version. The first issue hits stores in September.

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