DC Comics September 2024 Solicit Highlights | Comic Book Club News For June 17, 2024

Comic Book Club News June 17 2024

On today’s episode of Comic Book Club News, we’re taking a look at some of the highlights from DC Comics September 2024 solicits.


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Episode Transcript:

Today we’re taking a look through the highlights from DC Comics solicits for September 2024, including Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman, and more!

This is Comic Book Club News for June 17, 2024.

DC Comics September 2024 Solicit Highlights:

It’s once again time to take a look three months into the future thanks to DC Comics September solicits, aka the text and covers they send to comic book stores to try and drum up preorders of books.

And this September at DC Comics is mostly about Absolute Power, the event that finds the DC superheroes and villains without powers. So, not really absolute power. I’d say absolute zero, but that’s a different thing too. Anyway, we’ve already covered several of the titles here on the podcast, but there are multiple tie-in issues for Batman, Superman, and Wonder Woman. There’s the main title, of course, and two spin-off miniseries wrap up their run. Plus at least one one-shot issue. So, lots of Absolute Power!

Also previously covered here on the podcast? The incredibly long-named Batman: The Long Halloween – The Last Halloween, which kicks off with both a zero-issue reprinting of the Long Halloween Special by Jeph Loeb and Tim Sale, and the beginning of the new, 10-issue series. This month’s issue is also by Loeb, with art by Eduardo Risso.

Keeping on the Batman bent, Greg Smallwood writes and draws Batman: The Barbarian, a bi-monthly title that repaints The Dark Knight as a Conan-style adventurer. Detective Comics #1089 brings Ram V’s long run on the title to a finish, so case closed. And Tom Taylor and Bruno Redondo also wrap up their lauded run on Nightwing.

If you’re looking for something that crosses over video games and comics, Multiversus: Collision Detected ties into the new Super Smash Bros. style Warner Bros. game and has Superman and Wonder Woman meet Bugs Bunny. In a surprising bit of news, former EIC Dan Didio is back at DC writing a story in DC’s I Know What You Did Last Crisis, an anthology of spooky stories set during DC Comics events past. And Kyle Starks and Kyle Hotz tackle the Lobo Cancellation Special, which you can probably figure out from the title.

Meanwhile, Plastic Man No More! from Christopher Cantwell and Alex Lins finds the title character near death, and searching for his criminal son in what is described as a body horror noir. And perhaps the most controversial synopsis from the solicits comes via Black Label book Jenny Sparks #2, by Tom King and Jeff Spokes, which finds the title character hitting a bar after getting woken up by 9/11.

For Comic Book Club News, I’m Alex Zalben. And that was a not-at-all-uncomfortable note to end on, right? Cool.

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