Miles Morales Turns Vampire, DC Reveals September Absolute Power Tie-Ins, Humanoids Brings Arkadi And The Lost Titan To Kickstarter | Comic Book Club News For June 13, 2024

comic book club news june 13 2024

Miles Morales is now a vampire for the foreseeable future. DC Comics has revealed their Absolute Power titles for September. Humanoids is bringing Arkadi and the Lost Titan to Kickstarter — and English — for the first time. All on Comic Book Club News for June 13, 2024.


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Episode Transcript:

Miles Morales: Vampire-Man?

DC reveals September Absolute Power plans.

Arkadi and the Lost Titan comes to Kickstarter.

This is Comic Book Club News for June 13, 2024.

Miles Morales Is A Vampire For The Foreseeable Future:

Is Miles Morales a vampire for good now? We got a glimpse of him going vamp in Blood Hunt #2, but as of this week’s issues, it seems the change may be more permanent. Spoilers past this point.

In Blood Hunt #3, Miles was consumed with bloodlust, before Doctor Strange cast a spell to get him under control. Meanwhile, in Miles Morales: Spider-Man #21, also released this week, we got to see how Blade turned Miles into a vampire. It was by biting him, by the way. But the point here is that Miles is now a vampire, and it seems like the change will continue past the Blood Hunt event.

Or more specifically, at the very least it will continue into August’s Miles Morales: Spider-Man #23, which takes place after Blood Hunt is over. As for further issues, that’s TBD until Marvel sends out their September solicits, which should be shortly. But for the time being, Miles Morales is your friendly neighborhood vampire. Vam-spider? I don’t know.

DC Reveals September Absolute Power Details, Tie-Ins:

Speaking of solicits, while DC also hasn’t yet revealed their full September line-up, they have teased what’s coming from the Absolute Power event throughout the month. The answer is: lots of stuff.

Per a post of DC.com, the main title finds the Fortress of Solitude in ruins, and the powerless heroes retreated to Themyscria — which may not want outsiders on its shores. Meanwhile, the Task Force VII spinoff series comes to a close with two issues as Amazo robots attack — once again — Themyscria, and a new team of heroes led by Martian Manhunter.

John Ridley also ties up his origin of Amanda Waller in the appropriately named Absolute Power: Origins. And tie-in issues include ongoing series Batman, Wonder Woman, Green Arrow, Green Lantern, and Superman, with the latter teasing it ends with “a shocking cliffhanger that affects the future of the Superman Family titles!”

But the most intriguing title of the month is Absolute Power: Super Son, written by Nicole Maines and Sina Grace with art by John Timms and Travis Mercer, which finds Jon Kent in the grips of the Brainiac Queen and sinking into despair. Don’t know about you, but I love a deep dive into a character’s psyche, and I’m guessing this will deliver the sadness and heart.

More on DC’s September titles, as they’re released.

Humanoids Brings Arkadi And The Lost Titan To Kickstarter — And English:

Humanoids is bringing the first-ever English publication of Arkadi and the Lost Titan to Kickstarter. The French graphic novel by writer and illustrator Caza will hit Kickstarter tied to the 35th anniversary of the book’s original release.

Best known for working on Heavy Metal, at least domestically, Caza is a contemporary of Mœbius, Richard Corben, and more. And that comes through in the book, which takes place in the year 10,000 of an era when the Earth has stopped rotating. It follows a warrior and a sorceress setting out on a grueling journey to find a missing cyborg and save the planet. You know, that ole chestnut.

The 528-page long book is live on Kickstarter now, and as of recording time had already made $30,000 of its $5000 goal.

For Comic Book Club News, I’m Alex Zalben. And you know what? Vam-spider. I do know.

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