Wonder Woman #45

Preview: DC Comics “Wonder Woman #45”

Wonder Woman #45 “AMAZONS ATTACKED” finale! It’s all-out war for Themyscira! Jason’s been handed a gift from the gods that could turn the tide…but how will he use it? And is this gift actually what he believes it to be? Art by: Emanuela Lupacchino Cover by: Carlo Pagulayan Variant Cover by: Jenny Frison Written by: […]

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Titans Annual #2

Preview: DC Comics “Titans Annual #2”

Titans Annual #2 “Titans Apart” finale! Arsenal and Donna discover the truth about the Bliss conspiracy…only they’re too late! With the Justice League off the board and the Titans divided, who will stand against the evil Brain as he attempts to create his new world order—and kill everyone on Earth in the process? Art by: […]

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Preview: DC Comics “The Terrifics #3”

The Terrifics #3 “MEET THE TERRIFICS” part three! When will this superhero team bound by dark multiversal magic ever get any privacy? It certainly won’t be today, because while Mr. Terrific feverishly works to free himself from Metamorpho, Plastic Man and Phantom Girl—but mostly Plastic Man—the team must also contend with the towering, rolling death-inferno […]

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Preview: DC Comics “The Silencer #4”

The Silencer #4 “PAYBACK TIME” part one! The Silencer has been targeted by every hit man, meta-mobster and weapons-depot dropout that the Leviathan organization has to offer—now it’s time for Honor Guest to take the fight back to them! Too bad Deathstroke has other plans. Silencer squares off against Slade Wilson as we kick off […]

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Preview: DC Comics “The Hellblazer #21”

The Hellblazer #21 “THE GOOD OLD DAYS” part three! London is lovely, and John’s having a fabulous time. And if you believe that, you’ll believe that the Huntress is on his side and the demons aren’t coming after his ex-girlfriend. Some people will believe anything. Art by: Davide Fabbri Cover by: Tim Seeley Variant Cover […]

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Preview: DC Comics “Teen Titans #19”

Teen Titans #19 “The Following” part three! Beast Boy has gone rogue, turned by the nefarious Puppeteer into an unstoppable killing machine, along with hundreds of innocent teenagers! Can the Teen Titans stop their former friend’s deadly rampage and put an end to the Puppeteer’s reign once and for all? Art by: Wayne Faucher, Scot […]

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Suicide Squad #40

Preview: DC Comics “Suicide Squad #40”

Suicide Squad #40 “BREAK THROUGH THE WALL” finale! The Squad faces down the Wall as their fate hangs in the balance. If the Squad doesn’t stop the Wall, the U.S. government will be demolished! Art by: Julio Ferreira, Eduardo Pansica Cover by: David Yardin Variant Cover by: Andrea Sorrentino Written by: Rob Williams On sale […]

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