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Watch! Comic Book Club: Bill Hader & Steve Wacker

On this week’s episode of our video show for The Nerdist Channel, we’ve got guests Bill Hader (Saturday Night Live) and Steve Wacker (Editor, Marvel Comics)! Bill discusses trying to get Hawkeye sketches on SNL, and Steve talks about Marvel’s Point One initiative versus DC Comic’s Zero issues:

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Comic Book Club: Bill Hader and Steve Wacker

Bill Hader (Saturday Night Live) and Steve Wacker (Editor, Marvel Comics) talk about working on “The Short Halloween” together, and what it takes to get a geek reference on SNL.

This Week’s Stack: Wonder Woman #8, The Punisher #10, The Sixth Gun #21

Week in Geek:

* ‘Axe Cop’ is getting animated on FOX, and Alex drops some unimpressive names.

* Kurtzman and Orci writing ‘Amazing Spider-Man 2’… Based on still not having seen ‘Amazing Spider-Man 1,’ we form an opinion on that.

* Marvel’s ‘Battle Scars #6’ adds Agent Coulson into the main Marvel U. Justin misses his favorite character, Cheese.

* DC schedules #0 issues for September, but how do they compare to Marvel’s decimal point issues?

Photo Gallery: CBC w/Bill Hader & Steve Wacker

While you’re eagerly anticipating today’s new episode of Comic Book Club, check out a gallery of pictures from the show taken by Broadway Video’s own Mallory Schwartz, featuring SNL’s Bill Hader, and Marvel Comics’ Steve Wacker!