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Watch! Comic Book Club with Scott Adsit and Frank Tieri

On this week’s episode of our video show for The Nerdist Channel, we’ve got guests Scott Adsit (30 Rock) and Frank Tieri (Space: Punisher)! Scott comes clean about how he wants his character to go out on the final season of the show, and Frank wants the Punisher to kill Lutz:

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Comic Book Club: Scott Adsit and Frank Tieri

Scott Adsit (30 Rock) and Frank Tieri (Space: Punisher) talk to the guys about the end of 30 Rock next season, and sending the Punisher to shoot space right in the face.

This Week’s Stack: Avengers vs. X-Men #3, Swamp Thing #9, Daredevil #12

Week in Geek:

* More ‘Avengers’ talk, as the movie breaks all box office records! Can the Dark Knight Rises take back the crown?

* ‘Avengers 2’ is coming, but do we want to see that first… Or solo movies first?

* And what’s next for director Joss Whedon, now that he has SO MUCH POWER?

SCOTT ADSIT & FRANK TIERI – Live on CBC on May 8th!

First, have you checked out the most recent video on The Nerdist Channel, with Bill Hader (SNL) and Steve Wacker (Marvel Comics), chatting about their comic The Short Halloween, and how Bill got the SNL cast and writers hooked on comics? http://youtu.be/WBMAhVJAsVQ

…And here’s what’s going on this week at Comic Book Club!

Comic Book Club – Live!
Tuesday, May 8th – 7:30pm
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Pianos NYC
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FRANK TIERI (Space: Punisher)


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-There is an awesome bar IN THE ROOM!

PLUS, free comics, and a $25 gift certificate to Midtown Comics! Holy cow!

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