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Riverdale After Dark: “The Sweet Hereafter”

The final episode of Riverdale’s first season is here! Pete is pissed about the cliffhanger, Justin is jonesing for Veronica, and Alex doesn’t know how heroin works.

Riverdale After Dark: “Anatomy of a Murder”

It all comes out this week, as Justin won’t let go of a killer theory, Alex gets in a sticky maple and Pete misses Rage Betty.

Riverdale After Dark: “To Riverdale and Back Again”

On this episode, Pete is still obsessed with Luke Perry, Justin launches a hot new theory, and Alex reveals a disturbing jellybean fetish.

Riverdale After Dark: Mailbag & Theories

With no new episode this week, we’re answering your questions — and dropping theories on who might die next!

Riverdale After Dark: “The Lost Weekend”

It’s Drive Time on the podcast, and Pete is loving Dark Betty’s return, Alex is loving Jughead’s delivery and Justin has some birthday party opinions.

Riverdale After Dark: “La Grande Illusion”

Justin gives Archie and Cheryl a ship name, Alex has a Polly theory, and Pete loses his cool.

Riverdale After Dark: “The Outsiders”

Pete is hiding a dark secret, Alex goes deep on maple tapping and Justin proves he’s the biggest Phish fan.

Riverdale After Dark: “In a Lonely Place”

Time for some science facts on the latest episode of Riverdale After Dark. Pete loves the show’s 90210 moments, Justin wonders why it had to be snakes, and Alex explores just how big Riverdale really is.

Riverdale After Dark: “Faster, Pussycats! Kill! Kill!”

Grab your werewolf mask, it’s the latest episode of Riverdale After Dark. Pete explores string theory, Justin starts a jazz podcast, and Alex just wants to hang with Mr. Cooper.

Riverdale After Dark: “Heart of Darkness”

We’re wearing white to our funeral on the latest episode of Riverdale After Dark. Pete doesn’t know why it had to be snakes, Justin wants a meaner Reggie, and Alex figures out what a Sticky Maple is really all about.