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Watch! Comic Book Club with Jon Benjamin and Charles Soule

On this week’s episode of our video show for The Nerdist Channel, we’ve got guests Jon Benjamin (Archer) and Charles Soule (Image Comics’s 27). Benjamin talks about the voice acting process on Archer, and his love for Marvel Comics’ Namor!

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Comic Book Club: Jon Benjamin and Charles Soule

Jon Benjamin (Archer, Bob’s Burgers) and Charles Soule (Image Comics’ 27) join the fellas to chat about the Olsen Twins and Amy Winehouse. Also, several less depressing topics

This Week’s Stack: Batman #9, Scarlet Spider #5, Alabaster Wolves #2

Week in Geek:

* ABC wants to do Hulk series for 2013… But do we want a Hulk series?

* Heimdall will be back for Thor 2! Justin does not care.

* Whedon wants more ladies for Avengers 2, so which characters do we most want to show up?

* Who watches the Watchmen toaster, which is an actual thing being released?

JON BENJAMIN (Archer) & CHARLES SOULE (Image’s 27) – LIVE on May 15th

Comic Book Club – Live!
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CHARLES SOULE (Image Comics’ 27)


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