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The Stack: Hack Slash, Rick and Morty, and Nightwing

On this week’s Stack we’ve got reviews for Hack Slash: Resurrection #1, Rick & Morty #31 and Nightwing: The New Order #3!

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Comic Book Club: NYC Podfest with Dan Slott

Comic Book Club hits the NYC Podfest, with returning guest Dan Slott! How badly will Pete freak out about the recent events in the life of Spider-Man? Pretty badly!

The Stack: Superior Spider-Man #1, Thor: God of Thunder #1, Punisher: War Zone #3, Sweet Tooth #40

The Week in Geek:

– Hack/Slash is ending! What does Pete think?
– Powers is being reworked AGAIN. This pilot is indestructible!

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Comic Book Club with Greg Pak

Greg Pak (Dead Man’s Run, Doctor Strange: Season One) returns to Comic Book Club for his one millionth visit to chat about his “jailbreak from Hell” series, as well as the novel he’s writing on Twitter.

Plus, Alex invites Pete into the woods with him, and occasionally the guys get around to discussing comics.

This Week’s Stack: Wolverine #300, Heart #3, Batwoman #5, Severed #6

Week in Geek:

* Walking Dead gets a 16 Episode third season!

* Marcus Nispel is directing a Hack/Slash movie, but Pete wonders if it be funny like Conan The Barbarian.

* Joss Whedon says Steve Rogers is the “focus” character in The Avengers, we’re looking forward to finally getting a big budget Captain America movie.

* Chronicle’s Josh Trank is the front runner to direct a Fantastic Four reboot; will Alex nab the role of Invisible Woman?

* Rob Liefeld says there’s eight minutes of actual Deadpool movie footage!

* Garth Ennis is writing The Shadow, which is not an adaptation of the Alec Baldwin movie.