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American Godcast #9: “Come to Jesus”

It’s the finale of American Gods, so we’re rolling out a double-sized episode to break down everything that happened in Season 1 – and to tease what’s coming in Season 2.

American Godcast #8: “A Prayer for Mad Sweeney”

Our favorite leprechaun is in the spotlight, and Pete still can’t figure out Mr. Wednesday’s identity.

American Godcast #7: “A Murder of Gods”

American Godcast gets deep about religion this week, even though Pete is covered with ants. This episode (probably not) brought to you by Mountain Dew.

American Godcast #6: “Lemon Scented You”

On this week’s episode, Justin is off with Anubis, so Alex and Pete are left to freak out about Media all by themselves.

American Godcast #5: “Git Gone”

Let’s recap the Laura-centric “Git Gone,” as Alex reveals he’s never had sex, while Pete loses it.

American Godcast #4: “Head Full Of Snow”

Think about snow, and listen to our podcast breaking down the third episode of “American Gods.”

American Godcast #3: “The Secret of Spoons”

We’re breaking down the second episode of Starz’s American Gods, and asking you a very special request.

American Godcast #2: “The Bone Orchard”

We’re breaking down the American Gods premiere! Which god reigns supreme? What’s going on in this crazy show? All that, and we answer your “G” Mail!

American Godcast #1: Preview

We’re kicking off our podcast for Starz’s American Gods, the highly anticipated adaptation of Neil Gaiman’s novel! In this episode, Justin tells his Neil Gaiman story, Pete admits some surprising Game of Thrones opinions and we answer your questions!