Comic Book Club’s 100,000 Downloads Contest!

Guess what, guys? We’re 100,000 downloads old! Or will be, by the end of June, when our l’il podcast that could passes 100,000 downloads since we launched with the Nerdist Network at the beginning of the year.

To celebrate this milestone, we’re going to have a celebration at our live show – the one which will push us past the 100,000 mark – and give away some fun prizes, including 100 comic books from our personal collections to a lucky audience member!

The trick is, we’re not going to tell you how close – or far away – we are from the 100,000 mark. It could be this Tuesday’s show with Jim Zub, writer of Skullkickers. Or it could be any show this month; heck, you’ll just have to come to all of them, we guess. We’ll announce live on the show, and then giveaway prizes right then and there… So be ready at any time!

Oh, and before we forget: thank YOU guys for getting us past this mark. We’re floored that you all want to listen to our silly opinions about comics this much, and it’s the reason we keep doin’ this… It’s our way of giving back to you, even just a little bit. Thanks.

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