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Preacher Men: “Damsels”

Don’t get distressed, we’re recapping the third episode of “Preacher” Season 2.

Preacher Men: “Mumbai Sky Tower”

The Saint of Killers is hot on the trail of our heroes, as we recap Season 2, Episode 2.

Preacher Men: “On The Road”

Season 2 kicks off, as Jesse, Tulip and Cassidy hit the road.

Preacher Men: “Call and Response”

Season 1 ends with a literal bang, and the Preacher Men prepare for Season 2.

Preacher Men: “Finish The Song”

What’s up with that cowboy, anyway? Plus Jesse moves the pieces in place for the big finale.

Preacher Men: “El Valero”

Is there an afterlife? Or are we all just meat? Things get real dark as we recap the latest episode of “Preacher.”

Preacher Men: “He Gone”

Is the latest episode of AMC’s “Preacher” middling? Or some awesome character development? We discuss.

Preacher Men: “Sundowner”

“Preacher” delivers the best fight of Season 1, in “Sundowner,” and we’re here to recap it.

Preacher Men: “South Will Rise Again”

Grab a table at the diner, it’s time to chat about the fifth episode of AMC’s “Preacher.”

Preacher Men: “Monster Swamp”

Jesse and Quincannon have a meeting of minds, as our recap podcast for AMC’s Preacher continues.